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Hello! Hello! Hello!!!

We are here to make a big announcement and this is for all the retailers out there. 

Retailers have been facing a foot back since the pandemic, thus we are here to give them a boost. Xplorazzi is commencing a series of articles in which it will be broadcasting the stories of some retailers so that more and more people get the knowledge of them being in the industry. 

Yes, you heard us right, we are here to stimulate and notify everyone out there about you.

Xplorazzi is devoted to a staunch ideology of pushing retailers ahead so that they do not feel missed. Thus with the sincere efforts of our team, we will be extremely delighted and gratified by putting our bid and turning over their new leaf.

The process will be pretty much simple and easy. 

  1. If you want us to write about you in this series, send us a confirmation via email, DM, or comment in the post.
  2. We will schedule a call with you or relevant team members to learn more. 
  3. We will provide a draft of the article once done
  4. With approval, we will proceed

So let’s get the ball rolling, this will be based on a first come first serve basis and we will be doing 5 articles one for each company. So don’t waste your chance and comment down below. The retailers have the freedom of asking any queries via email or a comment. This is solely for the benefit of retailers hence we won’t be charging any fees. You can connect with us on Instagram and Linkedin through the links below. 


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