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Intel® AI Builders program.

Intel® AI Builders program.

We are elated to announce that we proudly became a member of the Intel® AI Builders program. 

It immensely fills us with pride and honour that we have been selected for this program. It enlightened the spirit and enthusiasm of our team members to work for better end results every day. 

We are now self-assured and sanguine. Apart from this, we are pleased to congratulate every team who got to become a member and went ahead. Getting guidance from Intel experts under one roof is the fruit of continued delivery of high-value to customers using Intel technologies. Achieving heights of effectiveness with assurance in improved performance is a delight for the members.

The Retail digital transformation is powered by analytics and artificial Intelligence. Intel’s AI optimized hardware and software help us in collecting data and transforming them into actionable insights.  It also helps retailers build personalized, super-convenient experiences that lead to massive loyalty and revenue. They are moving ahead in building a future of retail that differs from today with a fusion of development and better technological usage. AI also helps in providing insights about customer engagement and the products they are demanding the most. 

Gives several Retail analytics benefits such as:

  1. Hyper personalised experiences. 

It creates super personalized experiences through analyzing customers’ past purchases and their reactions to campaigns. Before that, you could create experiences and offers tailored just to their interests. 

  1. Effective Marketing Campaigns

Analytics helps the retailers to identify the products which retailers are going to buy incoming items to help in the promotion of the same products to induce sales and revenue.

  1. Optimize inventory and supply chain

It helps in analyzing which key products or features have the highest traction. AI can see and help the retailers put exquisite products of need on the shelves. It helps in marking the right orders for the right products to avoid overstock or out-of-stock situations. 

  1.  omnichannel strategy

 Analytics is the secret ingredient in a consolidated trade. By using data from all existing channels, you can optimize your retail operations while improving the customer experience.

  1. Transform brick-and-mortar stores.

Provides intricacies of enriched customer engagement at stores.  Think responsive digital signage that delivers the right message to target audiences or point of sale (POS) systems that integrate with loyalty programs.

How is Xplorazzi leveraging Intel® AI Builders Program? 

Intel will truly be an asset to us as we will be getting wholesome benefits through it. Through the Intel AI Builders Program we aim to accelerate the inference speed of our AI systems. This acceleration will help us in achieving even greater efficiencies in several computer vision solutions already deployed around the globe.  

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