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IR series

IR series

Recent endeavours in the technological sector are taking us to the right place with retail and Image recognition joining hands. Image recognition is a process of identifying images, objects, people, places and actions. With the use of artificial intelligence and computer vision to recognize through a camera. The general goal of image recognition is to differentiate the recognized objects into different categories. Therefore, it is also called object recognition.

Data Gathering is the foremost step in image recognition which deals in collecting information about the facts to be analysed. Further, annotating comes, which comes under assigning keywords to several images and videos to make the recognition easier. Preprocessing makes the further steps easier to produce effective results. Various preprocessing techniques are undertaken, like Image Enhancement Technique, Thresholding Technique, Page Segmentation Technique etc. 
This we are writing this to all the retailers that all the processes under retail can be easily done through IR. Starting from manufacturing to billing counters.

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