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New-era for Self-checkout

New-era for Self-checkout

Over the years you have noticed that the shopping experience has changed and it continues to evolve. Moving from General store to Smart Store! 

Earlier you used to walk in, hand over the list to the clerk, wait for him to find your items, then the shopkeeper calculates the amount and you hand over the cash. Today we are witnessing bar codes, scanning and automated technologies. 

From Vending machines to now AI-backed Self checkout systems, technology has come far ahead. New-edge technology is coming to streamline for ages, making tasks easier and simpler. In today’s era, it is feasible to notice a self-service machine around you. Be it grocery stores or apparel stores, these systems allow you to overtake the whole procedure of shopping. Collecting items into the cart, scanning the bar-code which sits on the back, and finally making payments. 

We couldn’t have imagined any further development in the above procedure. However, another astounding automation is being introduced. There was definitely a time when customers expressed their frustration towards the chaotic system, but later with all the innovations it has become much easier to accumulate and numbers have changed.  For customers, it offers varied benefits as well as to retailers. 

Benefits for retailers:

  1. Eliminate out-of-stock situation
  2. Eliminate lines 
  3. Less manual labour requirements 
  4. Engaged customers
  5. Repeated buyers 

This automation accommodates numerous scanners which are going to be placed in the machine system. 

Now there is no need to scan a product manually and one by one. Simply put an item on the machine and it calculates the quantity as well as the price. Isn’t it amazing? Making lesser and lesser manual interference. 

In the video, there are 7 items. 

The camera system automatically distinguishes the products, figures out the quantity and presents the accumulated price.

Just as there are two savlon soaps, the machine correctly estimates the quantity and shows the total price.

Similarly, the price of one biscuit pack is Rs. 20 and the 2 packs would account for Rs. 40. 

You can view the video:

List of Items Quantity Price 
Ayur Moisturizer (500gm) 1162
Savlon soaps (75g)270
Real Juice , mausambi (1L)1110
Bisk from chatpata spicy(200g)130
Bisk from top biscuit (200g)240
Dr oetkar peanut butter (400g)1165
Tender flow soft cotton swabs 190

The autonomous transformation of retail is inevitable. Retailers should be encouraged to indulge themselves in new technologies and innovate their stores. This innovation adds to their value and gives a better customer experience. Retailer collaboration with AI-backed companies is increasing and will continue to be so in future. 

If you are a retailer and you want such collaboration, xplorazzi can be the best fit for you. Contact us and get your hands on this until it gets too late.

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